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Bosen Floors is a world leader in cutting edge environmental concepts and new ideas on living.

Exquisite craftmanship paralleled with aesthetics that stretch the imagination, Bosen Floors coheres technology and fashion perfectly on your floor. Bosen Floors strives to let naturalism return to basics and blur the lines between art and practicality.

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BOSEN Floor Product


For decades, flooring designers have been grasping for new technology to revolutionise the vinyl flooring industry.

Now, after years of research and development Bosen Floors is proud to announce our next generation of products.

Built around a unique three layer, coextruded, glue free core. Our WPC + product forms a perfect balance between form and function. Two rigid vinyl layers provide the panel with an unprecedented deformation resistance, while the third base layer between them provides a fantastic underfoot feel and keeps the multilayer structure as light as possible.



Every layer of our WPC+ product is coextruded simultaneously with no use of adhesives. This creates a homogeneous core. It also provides the product with a deformation resistance that you will not find any other flooring product to date. This is the precise reason why we consider our WPC+ plank to be next generation.



We understand that nothing is more important than the health of your family. That’s why Bosen Floors has worked tirelessly on a product to meet these demands.

Our planks are molecularly bonded by heating each individual layer, this means no glue or other adhesives. Our product is devoid of formaldehydes and our manufacturing process is toxin free. Bosen Floors is proud to boast the SGS standard of E0.

More so, through the implementation of our Green Design Strategy, our manufacturing process is energy efficient and we strive to reduce our carbon footprint wherever possible.

We recognise the important responsibility we have to our environment. That is why Bosen Floors spares no effort during the design and production of its flooring products.



Sometimes you want to entertain your friends and family, whether it is Monday night football or a house party you want to be able to relax and enjoy yourself within the comfort of your own home. The only concern is that your neighbours might not love what they hear. With our products, that will not be a problem any longer.

Thanks to our products multilayer design, the soundproofing qualities of our plank is unparalleled. The diverse density of each individual layer makes sure soundwaves penetrate the plank easily and are absorbed by the product before it even has a chance to reach our optional soundproof underlay.

With the distractions eliminated you can have full control of your home and enjoy a home life that leaves nothing in the way.



Every flooring product has its own unique features and benefits and for you as a consumer it can be hard to know which options to explore.

In an ideal world there would be a unique product that is a one size fits all solution.

Bosen Floors believes that they have created this product.

Bosen Floors sources a variety of 100% waterproof, heat conducting, wear resistant, slip resistant, antibacterial and highly elastic flooring products that preforms best.

Since the technology behind our flooring products is constantly evolving and improving, it is easy for us to provide solutions that fit any need.


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